Boil Buoy
Now how much would you pay?

Boiling Water for Dummies

Have you ever put a pot of water on the boil, and forgotten you did? Never again, dear reader, with the

Boil Buoy

, a little gizmo that alerts you when your pot begins to boil, like a whistle kettle minus the kettle.

Taking a cue from Apple and its model of gauging demand for new products, gadget site is taking preorders for this buoy toy. Preorder this vaporware now for $9 and save yourself $5 someday, whenever they get around to making it.

Me, personally? I need the opposite of this product. When I've wandered out of the kitchen to watch my Law & Order reruns, the water under my bamboo steamer has boiled off completely and I'm superheating a dry pot to cherry red? I need an alarm for that.


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