Aria International Supermarket to Open in Tustin

Aria International Supermarket to Open in Tustin

Like a scene from The Game, where Michael Douglas searches for a company that doesn't really exist, Aria Supermarket is a little ambiguous with its public information. With a just-made Facebook page, we get address, hours and a ringing phone. And that's about it.

Replacing the defunct Sears Essentials across from Costco at The Market Place, exterior signage is all they're willing to display for the time being.

The nearest sister location (we think) is in San Diego County's Pacific Beach neighborhood. Carrying Persian, Indian and Mexican groceries, it appears our friends at Super Irvine and Wholesome Choice may have sizable competition. Have you seen the space they plan to occupy? It screams food court, but paired with an untouched parking lot that would make Mitsuwa jealous.

We're all for another ethnic market. Let's hope it lives up to the standards of their competitors, or it'll be just another waste of space.

Aria International Supermarket will be located at 2505 El Camino Real, Tustin, (714) 665-8269.

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