Poke nachos and a slice of sushi burrito from Samurai Burrito. So decadent!
Poke nachos and a slice of sushi burrito from Samurai Burrito. So decadent!
Photo by Cleo Tobbi

Another Year, Another Decadence: An Overview

Another year, another Decadence, and what an event it was: Over 40 Orange County vendors set up their table cloths, heat lamps and tiny plastic plates for approximately 2,000 guests this past weekend at our 11th annual food festival. For all you crazy cats who missed the feasting, the slideshow will be up soon so you can live vicariously (here it is!), and here's a recap to make you hungry for next year.

Even if spicy edamame or fried rice balls stuffed with ground beef bolognese aren't your style, Decadence 2014 made sure to provide a vendor for the foodie in all of us. Pork sandwiches from the Tilted Kilt, meat lollipops (okay, they might've just been meatballs on sticks) from The Rooftop Lounge, cheese-covered potatoes from Peru Peru Grill, mango-chili popsicles from Sol Handcrafted Paletas, sausages from Wursthaus, handmade ravioli from The Robbins Nest and so many more delicious bites stuffed the ballrooms and patios of the Hilton Costa Mesa.

While each vendor got a lot of lovin' from the scores of hungry dudes and dames, some saw endless lines until they ran out of food. Samurai Burrito, once solely a food truck, efficiently served the masses with hefty, enticing plates of their sushi fusion staples. Guests eying the focused employees adding the finishing touches on the poke nachos, picked up samples of Firestone Pivo Pils and mint olive oil from Olive Oil & Beyond on their way to the Samurai Burrito line that snaked throughout the Catalina Room.

For those indulging in the various alcohol vendors such as Hendrick's Gin, Blue Moon, Sapporo, Four Sons Brewing, Svedka and others, bottles of Resqwater, the anti-hangover drink, awaited them.

Live music, performed by Bent Jetty, Seedless, Adam Lasher Band and DJ Eddie Portillo rocked the crowds until the kegs blew, the trash cans overflowed and the floor lay strewn with crumbs. Until next year, Decadence.

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