Amar Santana Announces Upcoming Concept: Vaca, a Spanish Restaurant

When a chef goes off to open their own concept, it's a risk. Those that succeed are in it for the long haul. Some are even crazy enough to go through the process a second time. In the case of Amar Santana, he is revving to go.

Previously based out of Charlie Palmer's inside Bloomingdale's, chef returns to Costa Mesa with a cuisine as fierce as his Broadway smash in Laguna Beach. According to Santana, Vaca will be "inspired traditional Spanish." His new space will be across Bristol, inside Park Towers.

For business partners Ahmed Labbate and Chef Amar, their goal is to launch next summer. Its meat-driven menu will feature grass-fed Argentinian beef, as well as genuine Kobe. Outdoor patio seating will allow the 2,750 square foot space to be maximized. Great things can occur over a period of time. Just observe chef's recent transformation .

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