63. Most Things at Devilicious Donuts

Even though most donut shops in this county are independently-owned, mom-and-pop shops, there's a bland sameness to most of them. Most of them except for Devilicious Donuts, which opened in 2012 down the hill from Saddleback College. Inspired by the wacky treats made by Voodoo Donuts in Portlandia, they offer a maple bacon bar, and a chocolate bacon bar.

The cake donut in the photo covered in buttered-popcorn glued down by caramel? That's the Popskotch. The triangular one in back covered in graham crackers, toasted marshmallow and chocolate drizzle? That's a Smoralicious. The chocolate and Cocoa-Puff covered to its left? The Chocoholic's Delight.

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Devilicious orginally aimed to be a late-night shop with a broad selection deep into the night. Mission Viejo's sleepy residents put that idea to bed real quick, so show up here on any given morning for the best variety of left-field treats. Far be it for me to tell you what to get--let your heart divine which devil-fritter will please you best.

Can't manage to get to Mission Viejo on your way to work? Devilicious will be opening in Irvine soon, kitty corner from Irvine Valley College. It's as if they're plotting to lure every student in the South Orange County Community College District.

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