X (PARKING LOT) Well, it is an unspoken rule at work, but it is also fun to break it . . . that is, getting involved with a co-worker. At first comes the attraction flirting, then the quick touch as you walk by each other, the get-togethers after work that leave both of you mingling a little longer than everyone else, and finally, the full makeout sessions in your car in front of the office. If you take it one step further, then we're talking about full frontal fornication and the inevitable lingering smile at your workplace. There is only one problem with having sex outside your workplace: do NOT have sex in a parking lot that is constantly busy. Even if you find a dark corner to park in and can see the entrance and exit, it is wise to cruise slowly by all currently parked cars to see if they are inhabited. It's quite an embarrassment to finish what we do best in a parking lot and then watch a car five spaces down turn on its engine and drive SLOWLY past you. Pictures? Videos? We suggest scouring porn sites.

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