Wholesome, Mostly

Photo by Jack GouldPerky, vivacious and wholesome, Stacy Burke offers no real hint in conversation of a dark side, aside from the fact that she frequently refers to herself as "an odd girl." In fact, she doesn't see her line of work as being at all dark; Stacy discusses having her breasts tortured with needles and hot wax with all the bubbly enthusiasm of a cheerleader talking up the home team. For a modest fee, you can film or photograph Stacy enduring almost any perverted little thing your heart desires: bondage, S&M, spanking, tickle torture, foot worship and female domination are the more common fetishes in her repertoire. Or, if you prefer, Stacy can reverse the scenario and pulverize your man plums with a rubber mallet.

Stacy's not just in it for the money; she says she really loves her work. There are hundreds of pictures of her on the Net and dozens of videos at your local whack-mart bearing this out. Stacy has also done her share of mainstream work. She's been featured in such TV shows as Baywatch, Power Rangers and The New Love Boat as well as films like BASEketball, Truth or Consequences and Live Virgin. She hopes to merge the worlds of fetish and mainstream with a new video series called Danger Beach, which will begin filming on the shores of Long Beach this month. She describes it as "kind of like Baywatch or VIP but with lots of in-peril, damsel-in-distress bondage stuff. I'll get into situations in which I get chloroformed, kidnapped, tied up and all that. With most fetish movies, you just see a girl in bondage or whatever. I want to merge that with a kind of B-movie feel."

What's a nice girl like Stacy doing in a world of such depravity? We asked her, and she gave us the scoop.

GETTING INTO FETISH MODELING I was doing normal bikini modeling, and one of the other models asked me if I ever did fetish modeling. I knew a little about the fetish lifestyle, but I didn't know it could be a career. Little by little, I got into it and got out of regular cheesecake modeling. There are a lot of misconceptions; people think of weirdoes with whips and chains. In actuality, the fetish community is probably the most down-to-earth, trustworthy, wonderful bunch of people I've ever met.

THE MUSE I love cheesy, campy overacting, and I get to wear fabulous clothes, and it's really cool. When you're tied up and gagged, you have to act like you're scared without using your voice or limbs; all you can really use is your eyes. People have to be able to see fear in your eyes—that's what makes a successful fetish model.

STACY'S FAVORITE FETISH I always wanted to be a comic-book superheroine, and now I am. DC Comics made me the new Daisy Chain of the Sisterhood comic series. So now I'm a comic-book hero, too. Superheroes in peril is a fetish. I get to wear latex and rubber, and I love the bondage. The best scenario for everyone to understand it is the old Batman series. That was nothing but a big fetish show. Everyone was always in bondage, in peril, getting chloroformed, getting kidnapped, wearing latex costumes—it's all there.

STACY'S LEAST FAVORITE FETISH Anything that deals with major pain. The key word in fetish is consent, and there are some bad apples out there who miss that point. If it's not consensual, you're breaking the law. Anything that breaks that barrier, I'm against. People who do that deserve to be locked up. Nothing bad has ever happened to me, but there are some horror stories out there.

SCARIEST FETISH I've done trampling videos in which you literally stomp on guys with stiletto heels. I always worry about accidentally really hurting them. I mean, if I break a guy's rib, he might love it to death, but I'm still responsible for hurting him whether he liked it or not. It's like that old saying, "It hurts me more than it hurts you." Even if a guy loves it, I have to draw the line. I can't do that. It gets too seedy.

WHAT EXTREME TICKLE TORTURE FEELS LIKE I'm incredibly ticklish on my feet. It can be maddening. It's a real workout because if you're tied up, you're not going anywhere, and you're just struggling, going crazy. You're laughing, and your stomach hurts, and it's torture. You hate it, but it's all in good fun.

WHAT EXTREME BREAST TORTURE FEELS LIKE It doesn't hurt as bad as it looks. When they're tied up really tight, it's dangerous because I have implants and I worry about them bursting. If you pop my boob, that's, like, five grand, and I'm in the hospital. But it really doesn't hurt—they just go numb.

MOST AMUSING VIDEO SHOOT I did this really hardcore video. You know the urethra that goes through the penis? You stick [an electrode] in there, turn the knob and give it a shock. I went easy on the guy, but the other girl accidentally turned it all the way up, and I thought we were gonna have barbecued weenie.

EMPLOYMENT HAZARDS Sometimes you're working, and it's just one guy who ties you up really strictly; I mean, you wouldn't believe how strict it can be. Limbs go numb, your body gets overheated, your breathing slows down and you could get nerve damage if they don't let you out. When it feels like someone's throwing hot water on you, then you're in danger of getting nerve damage. You worry that the phone will ring or something, and he'll run to get it and slip on the tile and fall and get knocked out or something, and I'd be stuck there. I mean, I'm sorry you got knocked out, but I'm stuck here.

THE FETISH MONEY SHOT You'd think that looking at a girl tied up from many different angles for a half-hour would be boring, but for the fetishist, that's what it's all about. If I'm tied up and ball-gagged and I start drooling, that's the money shot.

Prospective employers can reach Stacy at (626) 821-4006 or via e-mail at stacy@stacyburke.com. Common perverts can download obscene pictures for a membership fee at www.stacyburke.com.


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