Whiny whities....
Whiny whities....
Gracias, source!

White-Supremacists Stickers Found on Electrical Box in Yorba Linda

If you told me to guess in which city were white-power stickers found on an electrical box, I'd most likely say "Yorba Linda." Huntington Beach gets all the infamy for its neo-Nazi losers, but the Weekly mostly ran out those idiots to Menifee last decade. Nowadays, the newer generation of gaba racists tends to live in majority-white neighborhoods that are wealthy but not Coto de Caza-wealthy and slowly diversifying--in other words, Yorba Linda.

So when we got a tip that white-power stickers were found on an electrical box, I guessed "Yorba Linda." And I guessed right--someone give me a Donald Trump piñata as a prize, stat!

The two stickers found were on the corner of Imperial Highway and Yorba Linda Boulevard, and are emblematic of current white-power thought: not menacing or threatening, but just a bunch of whiny whitey chavalas whose cleverness can't rise up to that of the 14 Words. The above genocide claim has been bandied around now for about a decade in white-power circles, and is pretty damn lame. But not as stupid as the other sticker, seen below.

Mein losers
Mein losers

You know you're a loser when you're praising Hitler, who's almost as as bad as the Confederate flag. In this case, #antiracisthitler refers to a badly made cartoon that made the rounds of white-supremacist circles a couple of years back. It was created by--I kid you not--a guy who lives in the basement of his mother's home.

Stay classy, Yorba Linda! And before the hilarious haters start claiming this was a prank: a conservative gabacho I know who worships hometown hero Richard Nixon forwarded them to me, so there's that...HA!

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