What You Missed: The Watson Twins, Sexiest Kilt Contest, Little Boots

Underneath it all.
Underneath it all.
Keith May

What'd you miss this weekend? Well, apparently the St. Patrick's Day festivities have officially begun because Muldoon's in Newport Beach held their annual Sexiest Kilt Competition on Sunday. Busy, popular and crowded as always. As for whether or not it was actually sexy is another story. Click here for more of some of that tartan-y goodness. (By the way, check out our St. Patrick's Day event listings if you haven't figured out what you're going to do--besides getting drunk--on this fine holiday.) 

Singing to them, singing to me.
Singing to them, singing to me.
Andrew Youssef

The Watson Twins performed an in-store set at Fingerprints in Long Beach on Saturday evening, in promotion of their new album, Talking to You Talking to Me. Click here to see the full slideshow shot by Andrew Youssef.

Little Boots, big sound.
Little Boots, big sound.
Chad Sengstock

Little Boots performed at the Glass House on Friday night. Dragonette provided support. Click here for our story on Little Boots... and click here for the full slideshow by Chad Sengstock.

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