What you missed over the weekend: Part VIII

Hungover from Super Bowl Sunday? Us too. (Yes, even those of us who aren't the biggest football nuts by a long shot. . .but when stranded in SFO waiting to head back to John Wayne, there aren't too many entertainment options.) Anyway, we obviously didn't go hog wild on Super Bowl coverage around here, but our sister paper, the Phoenix New Times, sure did. They even built this nifty blog thing. Looking for the OC-Super Bowl connection? Try this cute but woefully mediocre singer-songwriter from Mission Viejo whose 60 second Doritos ad scored her a record deal. Of course, The Register was all over that one.

Before we launch into Super Tuesday (or begin wondering why everything is so decidedly "super" this week), here's your regular What We Did Monday morning roundup:

Christopher Victorio (our unofficial official web photographer) crashed Sutra's Brazilian Carnaval Friday night, bounced around to some samba and snapped the scantily-clad. Ain't it great how we can always count on him for that sort of thing? Christopher's Saturday night was spent sipping complimentary Ketel One martinis and basking in the energy of sax player Gerald Albright and his band at the Ocean Institute's Jazz in January affair. (Which is bizarrely held in February.) Everything from a week in Hawaii to a chef from the Ritz-Carlton was auctioned off, and though there was no dance floor, folks could not sit still. Photos here.

Music editor Dave Segal spent Friday night at the ever-popular Alex's Bar in Long Beach for The Secret Affair: a DJ night featuring all things '60s and danceable. 'Twas "a great night of music and unintentional body friction (it was PACKED)," says he. Dave would go on to the Alterknit Lounge (part of The Knitting Factory club) in L.A. Saturday to see Guam, Bad Trips and Solar Wimp. "Krautrock, psych rock and progressive post-punk rock. It rocked."

Waleed Rashidi got his dose of live sound at Friar Tuck's Bar and Grille in Pomona Saturday night, where Death By Stereo were performing. Read his review and see some photos here.

LYT checked out the Dirk Hagner exhibition at Space on Spurgeon. His take: "The pictures on the official site (spaceonspurgeon.com) kinda say it all. Very....woodcutty. And really big for woodcuts. Some guy with a Liverpool accent gave me a free glass of champagne. There was also a drawing of two dead birds hanging upside down that I found quite striking." In other news, Luke had his first taste of the new Diet Dr Pepper chocolate cherry flavor and is certain it would make a great mixer.


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