Web Extra: The REAL Donald Bren, With Commentary

The hard copy of this week's cover story--a media criticism on a recent Los Angeles Times profile of Southern California's richest man, Donald Bren--contains a two-page spread that dissects the puff piece.

Bren and his Irvine Co. minions are elated with reporter Scott Kraft's story, which presented the billionaire as a near-flawless superhero.

Did you know Bren is a "ruggedly handsome [man, whose alleged personal traits also include] a mix of self-discipline, creativity and entrepreneurship salted with an abiding thirst for knowledge"?

And those were just Kraft's unattributed gifts to Orange County's most powerful man.

Click on the image below to see our specific criticisms of the Times news story and go HERE to see our essay on the topic.



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