Wake Up And Suck The Orange 1.22.08

What you get to read this morning: SOBER-LIVING HOME DEBATE: LA Times - Balboa Peninsula's plethora of sober-living homes faces the wrath of the Newport Beach City Council as well as the Concerned Citizens of Newport Beach. One wonders whether these Citizens are related to the Cannery Village Concerned, who tried to have the Newport Brewing Company closed because (eek) it was a bar! Welcome to the peninsula, douchebags.

WATER POLO GONE WILD: OC Register - Photos of OC high-school water-polo players appear alongside apparently-dubbed "action shots" on gay websites. Yeah it's from Sunday - but come on. Thanks for slumming with us, Reg!

"FLEEING" ROBBER?: OC Register - In what's likely to be the worst description of a robber since the Wet Bandits, the Register describes a Laguna Beach bank robber as "fleeing" - as opposed to all those polite, sedentary, motionless robbers who hold stock-still waiting for police apprehension to arrive.

COSTA MESA MAN SLAIN IN CORONA CRASH: Daily Pilot - Brandon William Johnson of Costa Mesa was among the five killed when two small planes crashed above Corona, CA. Johnson, 24, recently graduated from Chicago's Roosevelt University with an MBA in real estate. He was studying to be a commercial pilot.

LAWSUIT SCREWS NEWPORT, IRVINE CO.: Daily Pilot - A lawsuit filed by Defend the Bay may totally screw with Newport Beach's plans for a new City Hall. That'll teach 'em to move it off the peninsula. What, you think you're better than the sober-living folk?


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