Video of Ex-Scientologist: "I Never Said to Myself, Wow the Church is Fucked Up"

More former Scientologists are coming out of the auditing room to tell their stories. 

During the protest last Saturday at the grand opening of Scientology's Ideal Org at the former Santa Ana Performing Arts and Event Center, Andrea Lombard, a 20-year member of the church, spoke about the psychological torment she says she endured in the organization.

"I never said to myself, wow the church is fucked up," she said. "I said to myself, what am I doing wrong?" 

Video and more money quotes after the jump...

Lombard, daughter of former

Spyentologist Paulien Lombard

, described what it was like to have to attend public Scientology events in order to make it appear as though the church is growing, saying the

Tustin Org

was always empty. Scientologists were told that other orgs were full, and they shouldn't be concerned, she said.

Interesting, in light of the fact that the church claimed 5,000 attendees at the Ideal Org grand opening. What is the attitude of those who attend such events? According to Lombard, a lot of folks would rather be somewhere else, especially on a Saturday. But...

"I don't want a (public relations) flap for my church," she said. 

And how is life beyond Scientology?

"I've never been happier," Lombard said. 

It's a fascinating video that runs nearly 13 minutes. 

Bonus: Catch a glimpse of one handsome reporter at the 2:21 mark of the video. Then look at his ass at the 9:45 mark.


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