U.S. Open of Surfing: Spicoli Sighting

The waves and weather were perfect yesterday for the second round of the men's surf competition at the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach. The conditions were so perfect that Jeff Spicoli of Ridgemont High was on hand to soak up some of those tasty waves himself.

Spicoli, more recently known as mega-superstar/liberal activist Sean Penn, was at the Open with posse in tow, though true to his character he was a little late (try eight hours late).

Fast times and scores at the Open after the jump.

No photos of Penn/Spicoli unfortunately, just this video of him taking home the top prize. Celebrity sightings aside, the Open competition has been in full swing for the past two days, and the surfers, pro and amateur alike, have been leaving their best stuff out on the ocean.

The ever-present Brazilian contingent in this year's installment of the classic surfing competition killed it yesterday, with four scoring over 14 points (out of a possible 20). William Cardoso nailed one of the highest scores of the day with a 15.50. Heitor Alvez and Thiago Camarao both posted a 15.17.

None of those guys cracked the top spot, however. That honor was saved for Hawaii's Granger Larsen, who scored a 15.83. Semi-local Dane Reynolds of Ventura nearly caught Larsen with a 15.70 score.

Other local favorites weren't far behind, including last year's champ Brett Simpson, who also scored a 15.17. HB natives are hoping he's saving his best for later in the tournament.

More recaps, scores and photos from the Open coming soon


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