Orly at CRA
Orly at CRA
Christopher Victorio / OC Weekly

Updated: Orly Taitz Files Rambling Complaint Against Damon Dunn; ALSO, the Sky is Blue

Update, 2:10 p.m.: As our commenters below point out, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has handed down a curt judgment reaffirming the $20,000 in fines imposed upon Taitz by a federal judge last year. More here; the ruling can be downloaded here.

Originally posted at 1:08 p.m.: After spending a few weeks squawking about Damon Dunn, the Irvine Republican running against Orly Taitz for the California Secretary of State nomination, Taitz has taken her campaign for elected office to its next logical phase by filing a "criminal" complaint against Dunn.

She posted the complaint on her website (caution: possible malware infection at that link) and filed it with the Orange County Registrar of Voters.

It is, in the words of Registrar Neal Kelley, "lengthy."

We here at Weekly World Headquarters are tickled that cited the Weekly in the complaint, even if she misrepresented our reporting.

The complaint attacks Dunn's eligibility for office on two related fronts.

First: Taitz says Dunn can't run in the Republican primary because he was registered as a Democrat within a year of filing to run for Secretary of State. This allegation, however, is false. And Taitz, in her complaint, provides the link to our blog post saying it is false. In essence, she is using the evidence against her complaint as evidence for it.

So for Taitz's benefit, let's go through this one more time.

Dunn did register as a Democrat in Florida in 1999. That registration expired in 2005. Dunn is not a registered Democrat and was not a registered Democrat within a year of filing to run for Secretary of State.

Secondly, Taitz points out that Dunn left blank the section on his voter registration card where he was asked whether he had ever been registered before. Writes Taitz, "His behavior in intentionally omitting his prior voter registration and registration with the opposing party constitutes fraud." She provides no evidence the omission was intentional.

The rest of the complaint provides a glimpse into Taitz's state of mind as of late, in that it's almost entirely about how Taitz believes she is being persecuted--and that persecution is connected to a vast conspiracy involving Dunn, who announced his run for Secretary of State long before Taitz did:

  1. I personally have been hit by a barrage of insults and assaults coming from a number of  Marxists Left Wing publications such as Politijab, Politico, Huffington Post, Washington Independent, OC Weekly,Daily Beast which only confirms the fact that Mr. Dunn is really a Democrat trying to fraudulently run on a Republican ticket in order to prevent a Bona fide Republican from running against a Democrat Debra Bowen in the General election, as all of these Marxist publications attacked me, while praising Dunn. Mr. Dunn's quote of considering Barack Obama as one of his heroes seems to support this assertion as well.

Kelley told us over the phone that he didn't think Taitz's complaint fell within his office's purview. So, his staffers sent the complaint to the California Secretary of State's office and also forwarded a copy to the Orange County District Attorney.

As for Dunn, Kelley says that his office gave his candidacy the initial okay--but final certification was provided by the Secretary of State. From where Kelley sits, he says, it looks like Dunn is eligible. He defers, however, to the Secretary of State's office on the question of whether Taitz's complaint has merit.


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