[UPDATE: Family Intervention!] Possible Kidnapping on UC Irvine Campus

UPDATE, MARCH 4, 3:10 P.M.: The matter has been resolved, according to UC Irvine. The "kidnapping" was actually an  intervention staged by family members of a UC Irvine employee. The family has taken the woman to an area hospital. No arrests were made. 

ORIGINAL ITEM, MARCH 4, 12:37 P.M.: The UC Irvine Police Department has confirmed that there has been a possible kidnapping in parking lot 6, located close to W. Peltason Drive and Academy Way on the UCI campus.

According to eyewitness accounts, two men were seen abducting a woman into their white Chevy Astro van around 11 a.m. today. Luckily, the witnesses were able to scribble down a description and license plate number.

[UPDATE: Family Intervention!] Possible Kidnapping on UC Irvine Campus

While it's still being labeled as a "possible" kidnapping, the UCI PD web site only offers the following info:

Possible kidnapping in parking lot 6 --two male white suspects in a white Chevy Astro van CA 3WPH029 last seen westbound campus from university. Driver described as a male white in 60s with gray hair. Possible victim female white. Call 911 if seen.

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Tom Vasich, UC Irvine assistant director of health sciences communications, verifies that the site lists all the latest information.

"The police have sent out a red alert to local authorities and to search from the sky," Vasich says. He adds that the identity of the woman has not yet been been confirmed, therefore her name currently cannot be released.

Keep watching this space for more details and updates as they are being released.

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