Tweets From the Park!: Super Special "Bitch" Edition

Time for Tweets From the Park, where we gather the funniest, weirdest, grossest and most interesting tweets from Disneyland Resort for your reading pleasure. Follow us on Twitter @OCWeekly!

SeanDoesIt: I wouldn't give u a ride even if I worked the tea cups at disneyland! Enjoy walkin bitch!

Sincerelychelle: My sister is at Disneyland without me..((bitch))
JadeMonsterRAWR: Mother: "I knew she was going to flake out on you. Well, Ron and I are going to Disneyland, so you're shit outta luck." Bitch.
SoCalkid92: Fucking security at disneyland are bitches, they made me fucking turn my sweater inside out cus it said so cal
AskAJAnything: I saw someone @disneyland today spraying her face with Evian Water Spray - I just thought to myself "that lady, must be a bitch"
toodope69: Disneyland bitches! Bus ride with a bunch of black people this is gunna be fun
embaybe: I almost lost my cell phone on the matterhorn tonight at disneyland. Thank you bald matterhorn working man! I almost flipped a bitch.
djAPhiliated: This bitch were only going to disneyland no need to curl ur hair....uggggh! #FML!!
DavidEJones619: Wanted to take sexual implied pictures with the characters at Disneyland but all them bitches are in hiding 
NukiOliveira: Disneyland yesterday - Cinderella is a Bitch
jessnguyenn: my mums been to hollywood and disneyland. I'm a fucking jealous bitch.
QUESO17: In disneyland yuupp I snuck up into this bitch
kartelmedia: Are we ther yet? Shut the fuck up before I flip a bitch and no disneyland for you......silence.
ttreenuh: #Disneyland was fun but my mom ruiened the night for me thnks bitch!
Alvaro_Munoz147: Man niggas at disneyland sober as fuck we over here smoking billas! With that white bitch in them! Doing it why live! Swing the dahh9's yeee
ericlimon: Almost beat some bitches asses in @disneyland with @charlielimon >:)
LoveeJanelle16: I hate the 8th graders at school..those little bitches went to Disneyland:(..they could all suck bowling balls..except for Valerie:] haha


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