Trail Her Trash

Matt Bors

This is to the dumb blonde in the car in front of me at the drive-through lane for a chicken restaurant on Long Beach Boulevard. You seemed like an average girl, applying your makeup in the car while you waited for your turn to order. But then you opened your door and placed on the ground a bag of trash from another fast-food restaurant. You put on some more makeup, pulled up a little more—and then you opened your door again to place an empty can of soda on the ground. I hate to break it to you, but the drive-through lane is not a trash bin. Even if you are too lazy to get out of your car to drop it in a trash can, you can always keep your lazy behind in the car and ask the drive-through operater to please toss that for you—I’m sure he or she would. That way, you can keep your damn trash out of the streets.

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