Top 5 David Puddy Seinfeld Lines in Honor of Actor Patrick Warburton Coming to OC

Orange County Friends of St. Jude (the children's research hospital, not the saint) will have a celebrity guest speaker at their eighth annual Endless Summer Hampton's Style Benefit at the Hyatt Regency in Newport Beach Saturday night:

Patrick Warburton

, who played

David Puddy




"Puddy," as Elaine Benes' on-again, off-again boyfriend was commonly known, would have fit right in with the more bro-dacious OC elements. So, in honor of the actor who played him coming here (visit for details), we present the best five Puddy lines after the jump . . .

"Feels like an Arby's night."

"All signs point to yes!"
(after being asked if he's going to wear a jacket with an 8-ball on the back all the time)

"You got a question? Just ask the 8-ball!"

"I'm not the one going to hell."
(after Elaine asks why it doesn't bother him she is not a fellow Christian)

"Right, Koko. That chimp's alright. High-five."
(to Jerry, who, backtracking after noting Puddy had been a "grease monkey," said he'd heard of a monkey doing sign language)


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