Toll Road Construction Figures Rise

By Alex Brant-Zawadzki

PhotobucketThe TCA's new number for the cost of construction for the 241 extension is $1.14 billion. However, they've tacked on additional costs not associated with the previous $875 million figure, hence the $1.3 billion figure cited in a recent LA Times article.

What follows are a list of direct quotes, in a format very suitable for bullet-pointing, from TCA spokesperson Jennifer Seaton, who was kind enough to take personal time after work to call and make sure I got the information I requested. Being the TCA's mouthpiece must be like being Dr. Hunter S. Thompson's cigarette holder. I'm not saying I trust the lady, I just appreciate the call-back is all.

"It's not an apples-to-apples comparison—the $875 million does not compare directly to the $1.3 billion. The $875 million has become $1.14 billion—that's an apples-to-apples comparison—plus, additional environmental mitigation which was added through the permit process that includes the $100 million package for state parks, [which environmentalists have rejected].

Plus, additional insurance costs not included before.

Plus, additional costs for toll equipment—actual hardware and software.

Plus, escalation because of time. . ."

Clare Climaco previously stated that delays cost the TCA $3 million a month, although Jennifer Seaton now says that number is constantly changing based on the cost of commodities.

"Every month there is the cost of TCA continuing design, administration and overhead."

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