Times editorial goes straight to Zell

The Los Angeles Times today on its editorial page gave Tribune Co. Grandmaster and indelicate asshole Sam Zell the finger when it criticized Prop. 98 and asked readers for a big No vote.

The Times sent out a press release mentioning how they weren't going to bend to the pressure. While noble, it really isn't anything other than what should be expected from what is widely considered one of the preeminent newspapers in the country. But in these trying times, doing it right is always appreciated.

Prop 98, is a dubious piece of legislation that poses as protection against eminent domain, but sneaks around the back to end rent-control laws on the books in more than 100 California cities.

The Times reveals that Zell, who notoriously told the Orange County Bureau of the Times that "Everyone likes pussy," and told a Orlando Sentinel photographer "Fuck you" for asking why he focuses only on earnings and not journalism, might have a stake in Prop. 98 passing.

Sam Zell is chairman and CEO of Tribune Co., which owns The Times; he also chairs Equity Lifestyle Properties Inc., which donated $50,000 to Proposition 98. The company owns 27 mobile home parks in California, many of them subject to rent control.

Rent control doesn't really apply in Orange County, but think of your next door neighbors in Los Angeles—about 626,000 units full of neighbors, according to the Times. If they get priced out, they might just, (gasp!), they move to Orange County instead. We don't want our beloved Orange Curtain invaded by a bunch of vapid aspiring actor/model/writer/director ne'er do wells, now do we?

Instead, the Times endorses Prop. 99, which is less sweeping, but intends to protect homeowners from private developers using city councils to screw them out of their homes.

So the Times sez "no" on 98, "yes" on 99. Or better yet, don't vote. Then you don't have to take responsibility, just blame it on the crooks in the government—and Sam Zell, of course.


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