The Stupidest Voters in Orange County... in SanTana. Measure D, the ballot measure funded by developers which claimed it would weaken their own grip on City Hall, passed by a 54-46 margin last night.

No excuses, SanTaneros: the lot of your are pendejos* who don't mind living under Papi Pulido and his band of conflict-of-influenza-infected City Council, don't bother to read your local papers (whether in English or español) to learn the truth behind robo-calls and idiot fliers, and don't even bother to vote. Consider the story of Roberto, whom I met at Taqueria de Anda on Fourth Street after leaving the morgue that was Pangea last night.

Roberto is a 24-year-old SanTana resident and American-born citizen. When I asked him about Measure D, Robert responded, "Yeah, I saw the Measure D posters around the city."

Did you vote?


Why not?

"I don't vote."

Why not?

"I just don't. I don't know about the issues."

Why not?

(shrug of shoulders and a smirk)

Compare that with my beloved Anaheim, where voters ran out trustee/bigot Harald Martin out of office last summer and replaced him last night with the bright Jordan Brandman, a man whose only true fault is he probably views the position as a springboard for something higher in the future. Anaheim might not be as Mexican as SanTana, but we're getting there--and our Mexicans pay attention. Those in SanTana? You deserve the Aliso Viejo that's coming your way.

*Exception made for the folks who voted against Measure D. Keep fighting the good fight against vendido politicians.


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