The Mother of 14 Who Won't Disappear: Octomom Makes Cameo in La Habra Music Video

Octomom and Mayor Gomez loving La Habra.
Octomom and Mayor Gomez loving La Habra.

Apparently, enough people love La Habra that the city felt it was in someone's best interest to put together a music video expressing the point. Spinning off from Randy Newman's "I Love L.A.!" La Habra Mayor James Gomez cruises around the city in a stylized golf cart, singing the lyrics to "I Love L.H.!"

It's all well and good, except for the early cameo of the woman who's keeping La Habra in the funny papers and on the gossip sites--Nadya Suleman, otherwise known as Octomom. 

The video is after the jump.

Octomom, really? Who was the one who thought she was worth bragging about? Probably the same person who figured putting together a music video about loving La Habra was a positive use of funds.

Considering all of the lovely footage of Whittier Boulevard and the local strip malls, tourists will probably begin flocking soon. Maybe someone should put together a Map of the L.H. Stars.

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