Terrorists Attack US Power Plant

Israeli terrorists have caused significant damage to a power plant in Palestine, insured by the U.S. government for up to $48 million dollars.


Tony Snow, White House Chief of Verbal Diarrhea, previously described Israel's current assault on the Palestinians as legitimate self-defence, precipitated by "the hostage-taking and attacks by Hamas last weekend." Funny, I don't think he would consider the Iraqi insurgency a legitimate self-defence, precipitated by prisoner-taking (taking them all the way to Guantanamo, in fact) and an all-out invasion. But intelligent minds can disagree.

I don't care if you're an army or a government, if you terrorize people for political means then you're a terrorist (I'm looking at YOU, George W.). So while Israel claims it's okay to devastate the lives of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians, depriving them of water, power, and a minimal amount of shrapnel imbedded in their skin, all because of one kidnapped soldier - well, it seems to paint them as a bunch of reactionary terrorists. Back in 1999 Enron helped build a power plant in Gaza, which was in turn insured by OPIC (Overseas Private Investment Corporation), a US government-run agency to aid in overseas investment. It provided power to over 800,000 Palestinians, and the Israelis just bombed it back to the Queens of the Stone Age. Suddenly the U.S. position began to change, inspiring Tony Snow to politely request that Israel "avoid the unnecessary destruction of property and infrastructure" in Palestine.

But they won't listen. How can they possibly care? Just the other day Israel threatened to assassinate the Palestinian Prime Minister. I'll bet the U.S. government won't call this a terrorist threat, but instead "pressure on the Palestinian government". I'd like to put some pressure on our government - about six feet of dirt's worth of pressure.


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