Stop Panicking: There Are No Bedbugs at Fashion Island Neiman Marcus

Wikimedia Commons

This year alone,

a handful of New York storefronts

suffered closures thanks to the invasive pests, but it seems the rumor mill has finally hit close to home: We just heard gossip a few minutes ago that bedbugs have invaded

Neiman Marcus' Fashion Island Newport Beach

location, causing it to shut down temporariliy.

Rest assured, we have confirmation: This is totally not true.

Flickr user wonderferret

"We had a sprinkler malfunction," explains Michael Hall, who takes care of public relations for the department store. "The store was closed because of water damage and we're trying to get the store pulled back together in a safe and pleasant environment for our customers."

Phew. Now, if you really want to get worried, just check out this handy/terrifying website that logs all bedbug breakouts in the greater Los Angeles area. 

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