Mike Brown, the new king of the Lakers castle.
Mike Brown, the new king of the Lakers castle.

Sons of New L.A. Lakers Coach, Mike Brown, Considering Mater Dei High

Last week, Lakers fans learned that the legendary shoes of its retiring coach, Phil Jackson, were to be filled by a mostly-unproven coach who's best known for being LeBron James' first NBA coach. The news of Mike Brown's hiring caused mixed reactions, to say the least.

It's happening: Mike Brown is coming to Southern California to fill the Zenmaster's seat on the Lakers bench (sans orthopedic chair). So too are his two sons. Though Brown is rumored to be looking at houses in Los Angeles County, nearer the Staples Center, his boys, who are both athletes, are scheduled to take a tour of Mater Dei High on Monday, reports Steve Fryer of the OC Register.

Brown's youngest son is in eighth grade and is interested in football. His oldest son is a sophomore and a basketball player. The boys will "shadow" a current student for the day.

According to Fryer's report, Brown is looking for a school that has "high-quality programs in football and basketball." Schools with strong academic programs--not important.

Considering his star player, Kobe Bryant was never consulted in the coaching search, it may be in Brown's best interest to use some of his $4 million salary to buy a place near Bryant in Newport Coast and buddy-up. Maybe they can carpool to work, or Brown can hop in Kobe's helicopter. 

The moms and kids can make nice as well. But Mr. Brown, be weary of Vanessa, rumor has it that she may or may not be a bit of a home-wrecker.


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