Son of Calvary Chapel Pastor Allegedly Mocks "Retarded Fuck" Congregant

It appears that another chapter has been written in the ongoing embarrassment that is Calvary Chapel's refusal to intervene in one of its affiliate church's fusterclucks. 

Alex Grenier, who is documenting his fight against Calvary Chapel corruption and the alleged abuses of his stepfather, Rev. Bob Grenier of Calvary Chapel Visalia, has posted an audio recording at of Bob Grenier Jr. allegedly mocking a developmentally disabled child who attends the church. 

According to Alex Grenier, the 48-second clip is that of Bob Grenier Jr. cracking jokes about the kid and two families at Calvary Chapel Visalia. 

With another man laughing in the background, a male voice identifying himself as "Bobby" is heard saying, "You're so damn fat that you can't even play karate the right way. You sit with the little kids, you retarded fuck." 

But wait, there's more! Bobby also jokes about someone getting caught in the act of "playing with his pudding" in the bathroom, and if daddy catches him doing it one more time, "he's going to slice that motherfucker right off." 

According to Alex Grenier, the leader of Calvary Chapel Visalia's Sunday School is Didi Grenier, wife of Bob Grenier Jr. 

During an Internet interview of Alex Grenier and Chuck Smith in December, Smith chuckled about the notion of corruption in Calvary Chapel, saying he didn't know of any, and that Grenier, who has accused his stepfather of child abuse, is a "loose cannon". 

Smith said he doesn't try to police the more than 2,000 Calvary Chapels, but he reports issues to authorities when he hears of pastors acting "out of line." 

He also said he has no authority over Bob Grenier, but couldn't find any proof of the alleged abuses anyway. Oh, and he told Alex Grenier to "get a life."

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