Sister Cities? Study Shows Santa Ana and Malibu Share Similar Level of Racial Diversity

A new report released by the University of Southern California ranks Orange County fourth among a five-county region when it comes to the number of racially balanced cities.

"Racially Balanced Cities in Southern California, 1990 to 2010" measured local representation of four major population groups: Latino, black, white and Asian and Pacific Islander.

It appears that the white folks are leaving




, as the two cities were among those that saw the biggest drops in that population group, according to the study. The white population has declined in nearly every city in the five-county region, researchers said. 

Blacks are moving to desert cities, which have seen the biggest jump in the number of African Americans, the study shows. 

Santa Ana (78.3 percent Latino) and Malibu (88.5 percent white) are among "One-Way" cities, defined in the study as those where one group makes up a majority and no other group accounts for at least 20 percent of the population.


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