Shelter Dogs Can Count on "Cookie Einstein," the Math Whiz Cockapoo

Can you think of something worse than getting shown up on Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

How about getting schooled by a shelter-rescued cockapoo?

"Cookie Einstein," the famous mathematician dog genius, shows off her intelligence at the free Family Pet Day Extravaganza Nov. 13 in Lake Forest.

Often spotted wearing a Hawaiian shirt and glamorous sunglasses, the 25-pound black Cockapoo barks out answers to math questions--not of the variety that would come easy to 5th graders but, as organizers promise, "the dog that can do what most first graders can't."

Shelter Dogs Can Count on "Cookie Einstein," the Math Whiz Cockapoo
Illustration by Jay Brockman

"That" would be addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

All she requires in exchange is a doggie treat (preferably turkey).

Penny Miller, Cookie's human mom, discovered shortly after rescuing the pooch, that the dog could communicate math answers to the problems that Miller (and only Miller) asked her.

Miller thought about the putting Cookie on math shows to encourage children's interest in the subject. Not only would this be a good opportunity to sharpen the math skills of children, but it would also promote the adoption of shelter animals.

Inspired by Cookie, Miller has founded her own nonprofit, Animal Education Thru Entertainment. Through Cookie's performances, Miller hope to raise awareness for the adoption of shelter pets instead of euthanizing them. Find out more at:

But, come now, can a pooch really figure out math?

"My best theory is that she's reading my mind, which nobody can comprehend," Miller concedes.

How did Miller come to this realization? When the owner thinks of the wrong answer, Cookie will usually bark it.

It is clear that Miller and Cookie have a really close bond and that Miller has put much care and time into Cookie and her talent. In addition to encouraging math and the adoption of shelter animals, the relationship between Miller and Cookie makes a convincing testimony to the strengths of a bond between a person and their pet. Any dog can turn out to be the genius Cookie has become--if only they are given a chance.

Here's video of a Cookie from the old Daybreak OC morning show:


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