Sexy Time Fullerton Psychiatrist Loses his License

Dr. Enrique Friedman has the cure for whatever ails you, batteries not included. One of his patients wasn't very happy with his prescription, however, and his license to practice psychiatry in Fullerton was revoked last week following allegations made by the Medical Board of California.

Find out what was shaking in this naughty doc's medical bag, after the jump. Trust me, it's titillating.

Sexy Time Fullerton Psychiatrist Loses his License
Jay Brockman

Enrique Jaime Friedman received his medical degree from the University of Buenos Aires, in 1961, and he's been one smooth operator ever since. Or at least, until Aug. 12, when an administrative law judge ruled that the evidence supports allegations of sexual misconduct and negligence made by the California Medical Board.

According to the KCBS News, the Board alleged that the Doc had a special method of diagnosis for one patient, wherein he improperly asked about her sexual life. Apparently, she didn't have much good news to share, because he bought her not one, but two vibrators. 

The Board also said that Dr. Friedman convinced the woman to go out to lunch with him, where he bought her Champagne, and then used her disabled husband's medical care to blackmail her.

"...[he] threatened to use his influence to derail the care of her disabled husband if she reported his behavior."

I bet this guy gets tons of ladies with lines like that.


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