Seeds of Resistance Seeks Submissions for "Tortilla Warrior 2013 Cartonera Book''

Seeds of Resistance, a collective of self-identifed women-of-color artists from SanTana, is at it again. 

The group has been around for only about a year, but their first art exhibit happened in October of 2012: "Tortilla Warrior" at the always awesome El Centro Cultural de Mexico. The event was so successful that Seeds decided to immediately make it an annual event; this year, "We are inviting self-indentied women of color to submit and connect to our theme: tortilla warrior ", said Zuleica Zepeda, co-founder of Seeds. 

In honor of Womens' International Day and Womens' Herstory Month in March, they are asking women to think cardboard. They are collaborating with Cartonera Santanera, another group of local artist using alternative publishing in SanTana by using cardboard boxes as the cover and promoting the idea to become more environmentally aware with creativity and community participation. The 'Tortilla Warrior' theme is to honor the women in your own life and a way to reconnect with roots and sacredness of many indigenous women from the Corn Nation movement.

"My body is an offering to my mother Tonantzin. I honor and remember my abuelita, my ancestors, through indigenous foodways. Everyday plant-based meal is a ceremony to all tortilla warriors who heal and nurture our corn nation, our families and community", said Zepeda

So mujeres: get your pencils or--better yet--your MacBooks with some coffee on the side ready for creativity and palabras to submit for 'Seeds of Resistance Cartonera Book 2013'.
Submissions are due February 1, 2013; the release date has yet to be announced. For questions email, 

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