[Scariest People 2008] Scary Movies

When some fucked-up people do some fucked-up shit around here, it’s always a fucking sequel. There is no new scary under the OC sun—or under a full moon. OC’s scariest dead people are still with us through their terrifying spiritual heirs. Sure, we may not have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore, but listening to Hugh Hewitt spew his drivel, it’s like Tricky Dick never left. Racists? Seen ’em. Crooked, greedy-ass, depraved crony capitalists? Old news. Sex-crazed priests and a church hierarchy that covers up their predatory ways? Oh, yeah. Zombies? Hmmm. Well, not literally, but look, we had to have some zombies, okay? It’s, like, an Internet thing. You don’t have a zombie on your Facebook page? Right. Of course you do.

So read on—if you dare. The reviews are in, and the critics agree: It’s still scary out there.


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