Say It Proud!

Illustration by Bob Aul"I love you." There. I've written it. Now will you please stop asking me to say it? What is it with you and the spoken words? So all your other boyfriends said they loved you all the time, and I'm not so good at saying it. They left you. I haven't. And I won't. And I don't need counseling; I'm quite fine. And quite happy. Tell you what: you're such a little creature of habit that I know exactly where you're reading this. Reach over your head and behind you and grab the scissors you keep on the headboard of our bed, cut this out, and (using the tape you keep next to the scissors) tape it to the picture of us kissing passionately--the one on your nightstand next to your left elbow? And remember that, the first night we met, you told me, "You're saying 'I love you with your eyes.'" Six years later, I still am.

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