Photo by Shannon SibayanSuch are the times: after the terrible June 1 Laguna Beach landslide, in which 15 homes tumbled down Bluebird Canyon and another 33 suffered substantial damage, conservatives across the country rejoiced. In the local right-wing talk-show nebula, commentators—from KFI-AM 640's John&KenShowand John Ziegler to Al Rantel on KABC-AM 790 and even Rush Limbaugh—used the tragedy to bash liberals and the rich.

But some of the most venomous remarks originated from Yahoo message boards (strangely, the folks at FreeRepublic.com, the web kennel for frothing Republicans, stayed silent on the matter). Following are excerpts from the Yahoo! message board, lumped into the three most popular stereotypes conservatives and their friends on the Left apparently associate with Laguna Beach.

Faggettes [sic] stay in Kollifornya [sic]! . . . Laguna is reknown [sic] for its homosexual population . . . Say amen, say amen, the Muslim and liberal countries and homosexual areas are feeling the wrath of the Lord, say amen, we are RAPTURE READY, we shall turn our face from Him, say amen, we will not slumber nor will we sleep, say amen, go FORTH and teach ALL nations, come Lord Jesus, baptizing them in the name of the Father and Son and Holy Ghost! . . . NOW THAT THEY'RE HOMELESS. THIS IS THE WRATH OF GOD, PEOPLE. HE WANTS TO SHOW THEM THAT SODOMY IS A PUNISHMENT AND NOT A PLEASURE . . . . . . Lavender Lane????? Hmmmmm . . . OBVIOUSLY, THIS IS JUST BEFORE GOD DESTROYS THE SODOMITES IN CALIFORNICATION . . . to [sic] bad the whole state of californicator didnt [sic] fall off into the ocean . . . its [sic] full of liberals, fags and niggers so who really cares? . . . Did any fags get washed into the sea? LOL . . . Many of you don't realize that Laguna Beach is home to the highest percentage of Gays in Orange County. Isn't it funny how Jehovah always punishes enclaves like this for their sinful, deviant behavior? San Francisco gets the earthquakes and fires, and Laguna Beach gets the fires, mudslides and floods. This gay lifestyle is quickly summoning the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and they can't get here soon enough!!!

Bout time the rich get fucked. Mother nature getting some much needed pay back. Pray for rain now . . . These poor misfortunate [sic] people. They just might have to spend another night at a 5 star hotel. I feel terrible for them . . . You should have never clear cut the ancient hardwood forests only to build your crappy homes. EARTH WINS AGAIN! TSUNAMI, EARTHQUAKE, TORNADOS, HUR-RICANES, LANDSLIDES! GO EARTH! GO EARTH! FUC [sic] THESE STUPID HUMAMS [sic] UP REAL GOOD! . . . Like all rich people, they love write-offs . . . POOR, POOR RICH PEOPLE: boo-effing-hoo . . . Many are starving while these rich heathen gloat at the poor and stuff themselves with exotic cheeses. Let this be a lesson to the rich sinners of America: either stand by and watch those wallowing in filth or your entire home will be wollowed [sic] in filth. Ironic . . . UR [sic] RICH SO SHUT UP AND MOVE ON RICH CRYING BASTARDS . . . HOW ABOUT THAT LOOK AT THEESE [sic] KATS [sic] RUNNING AROUND LIKE OH I'M SO HOT I'VE GOT SO MUCH MONEY, AND LOOK AT MY HOUSE & MY CAR. I'M SO RICH! NOW THEY'RE LIKE OH LOOK AT MY HOUSE ON THE NEWS EVERYWHERE I'M SO RICH, NOW GIVE ME YOUR MONEY TO REBUILD MY RICH HOUSE AND GIVE ME A NEW CAR. BITCHES!

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They are all stinking liberals that live in Laguna [Beach] my friend . . . The Laguna Beach area is predominately liberal. Including the ones living on the cliffs and stilts . . . .Rich California types building in stupid areas. Count me low on the sympathy scale. They probably voted for Kerry and think Babs is an amazing talent . . . .When are the Movie Stars and Music-types getting together for one of those "Band Aid" thingies for these poor rich folk? . . . LIBS LOSE IN ANOTHER LANDSLIDE . . . This is God's wrath for voting for Kerry . . . Take that libbies . . . Speaking of landslides, Kerry lost . . . They are blue-state liberals who know FAR more than anyone else. It is our duty as low-life, red-state scum to pay MORE and MORE taxes to help them maintain their life styles! . . . when's the George Clooney benefit show? . . . Californians, heed the warning . . . poor libfcks [sic] loose [sic] there [sic] homes . . . Watch these idiots sue the state. of course they will. It's the liberal idea of the American dream . . . Vote Republican or more mayhem shall arise. Florida has learned, now so should you!


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