President Barack Obama Set to Land in Bitter Enemy Terrority--Orange County

Under intense security, Air Force One and Barack Obama landed late this afternoon at Los Angeles International Airport for the president's ninth trip to Southern California and, during a series of fund-raising events, touted his administration's accomplishments, including a repeal of "Don't Ask; Don't Tell."

Obama also blasted Republicans for favoring the ultra-rich.

Republicans are working legislatively to make sure "just a few do well," the president told a Los Angeles crowd including actor George Clooney, according to a White House media pool report provided to OC Weekly by Michael Finnegan of the Los Angeles Times.

The attack on the rich is, of course, ironic because following tonight's private parties with LA's richest residents, the Democratic president will travel for another fundraiser on Thursday morning in Orange County's most wealthy, elite oceanfront neighborhood: obscenely Republican Corona del Mar.

According to White House reports, the president is expected to leave his LA hotel, the same one where singer Whitney Houston recently died, about mid-morning on Thursday and fly his Marine One helicopter to Orange County in advance of a motorcade trip to a private home in Corona del Mar.

For those of you who don't live here, know this: OC historically has been a hotbed of right-wing activism that considers liberals worthy of unrelenting ridicule. In addition to our fine citizenry, we have Holocaust deniers, mischievous grannies, bizarre anti-gay fanatics, big-haired televangelists, angry white supremacists, Bible-thumping closet gay pedophiles and foaming-at-the-mouth Mexican haters.

For example, within weeks of Bill Clinton moving into the White House in 1993, bitter Newport Beach residents took "Impeach Clinton" banners to the beach during family outings. This is also a place where the broadcasting of Lee Harvey Oswald's explosive, fatal head shot to President John F. Kennedy still wins happy cheers. Orly Taitz, a local dentist, is a relentless leader in the national movement to expose Obama as an African-born communist plant.

(Trivia: Oswald was stationed as a U.S. Marine in Orange County before he killed Kennedy.)

With Obama in OC, the U.S. Secret Service wisely grounds all local helicopters to insure that none of the county's pilots do something stupid.
With Obama in OC, the U.S. Secret Service wisely grounds all local helicopters to insure that none of the county's pilots do something stupid.

The county has moved slightly to the left in recent years, though. In the 2008 election Obama pulled off a near miracle: he almost beat Republican John McCain here. Arguably, OC's most powerful member of Congress is Anaheim's Loretta Sanchez, the lone Democrat in the county's congressional delegation that includes a shameless freak, Dana Rohrabacher--the plump, career politician who can't surf but hilariously calls himself the "Surfin' Congressman."

(Note: Perhaps Rohrabacher's disingenuous PR spin is nothing more than . . . Internet surfing.)

For the traveling, fly-by press corps, Corona del Mar has made news on the racial insensitivity front in recent years after a Newport Beach city councilman espoused public policies to discourage all Latinos from visiting local public beaches.

And, of course, there is this: A steakhouse located just blocks after from the president's fundraising event in Corona del Mar settled a lawsuit after an employee repeatedly disgraced a loyal African American patron by calling him "McStinkyNigger" and "McNigShit" on bill receipts.

During the president's last OC visit, the Secret Service must have been worried about potential attacks. The extraordinary protective service had a whopping five helicopters--including two Blackhawk combat helicopters--fly from LA to OC. To trick the public, Obama didn't board any of the three Marine One helicopters in the fleet flying south. He rode on one of the Blackhawk's that was flying in a flanking position.

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--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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