Pedro: Making Dreams Come True

Assemblyman Pedro Nava is taking his battle against the Foothill-South (241) toll road extension online.

At risk is San Onofre State Beach, 5th most popular state park in California, home to critical populations of endangered species such as gnatcatchers and pocket mice, not to mention the San Mateo Creek (responsible for maintaining world-class surfbreak at the nearby Trestles, the Yosemite of Surfing) and San Mateo Campground. Plus there's the matter of a Juaneno Indian burial ground. All of these would be irrevocably and destructively impacted by the Transportation Corridor Agencies' plan to extend the 241 toll road through the state park. I guess the TCA likes a challenge.

At the very top of his State Assembly website is a cute picture of a bulldozer and the demand, "Stop the Toll Road!!" That's right, two exclamation marks. Because we're serious. Click Here to see Nava's excruciatingly informative page (excruciating if you're the TCA, that is) complete with reference links, studies debunking the TCA's ridiculous assertions, and links to a form where you can register opposition to the toll road.

That's right, San Onofre State Beach: Pedro offers you his protection


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