Parking Sluts

Illustration by Bob AulLook, I know you mean well, and that a position such as yours at an overpriced private university can be tough, but the mass e-mail sent out to all university staff, faculty and students? Come the fuck on. There's a very good reason we're pissing off city residents by parking in residential Orange: there's no parking anywhere on campus, thanks to poor timing, just plain overcrowding, and the construction of a wholly unnecessary all-faiths chapel (we already have one, you douche).

The way I look at it, I have two options for my 2:30 class: either leave at 1:30 and hope to find a spot in the commuter parking structure, or take my $100 university parking permit off my windshield, leave at 2:15 and park a few blocks from campus. Which is the more logical?

I must give credit where credit is due: doubling the price of a parking permit when there will be fewer available spaces than the previous year? That takes gigantic huevos.

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