The two most powerful women in America.
The two most powerful women in America.
Taitz photo by John Gilhooley / OC Weekly

Orly Taitz Gets In On the Suing Healthcare Reform Game

The cluster of attorneys general filing suit against the federal government to stop the just-passed health-care reform bill aren't alone in their battle.

We'll give you one guess on who else has taken up their cause.

Amending her lawsuit filed against Barack Obama in Washington, D.C. federal district court, Laguna Niguel's Orly Taitz yesterday added a whole new section to her lengthy list of complaints against the president:


1. Plaintiff re-alleges and incorporates by reference everything alleged previously and alleges the following:

2. Plaintiff is a Doctor of Dental Surgery, licensed by the state of California.

3. Plaintiff owns and operates a dental practice at 29839 Santa Margarita PKWY, Rancho Santa Margarita CA.

4. Currently US House of Representatives is set approve via reconciliation one of two versions of the Health Bill (House Bill HR 3962 and "Senate Bill" to be reconciled in the House as HR 3590 are substantially Different). Defendant has repeatedly stated that if such bill is passed and reconciled as early as next week, he will immediately sign it into law in spite of general public outcry against such bill. This signing of the bill is imminent as Defendant, his administration and Democratic party leadership have engaged forceful arm twisting and de-facto bribery of US Senators in order to push passing of such bill, whereby Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana got a 100 million dollar de-facto bribe (Better known as a new "Louisiana Purchase"), senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut got 300 million de-facto bribe and Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska got an infinity amount of dollars de facto bribe to sign the Senate version of such bill.

5. Defendant has never provided any vital records to show that he is legitimate to hold position of the President and sign such bill into law.

6. Plaintiff will be directly affected by such bill, if signed into law as early as next week.

7. Health bill, as being prepared and reconciled, will create an enormous machine of governmental burocracy which will intrude into Plaintiff's practice, will affect her doctor-patient relations, will undermine her Hippocratic oath, will force her to ration medical care and de-facto deny medical care to elderly, whom some committees of burocrats will deem to be too old to receive such care, meaning too old to live.

8. Such bill will subject her to threat of multiple Medical-Dental malpractice legal actions as standard of care will clearly go down.

9. Such bill will constitute unreasonable infringement upon her gainful employment in Dental Surgery as overburdening of interstate commerce in clear violation of commerce clause.

10.Wherefore the Plaintiff seeks a writ of Mandamus, seeking release of the Defendant's vital records, such as his original birth certificate, his college and university enrollment records, social security application and passport application records to verify his legitimacy to sign Health Bill HR 3590 or HR 3962 or any other bill under the Natural Citizen requirement of the Article 2, Section 1and seeking a declaratory relief deeming Health Bill HR 3590 and HR 3962 null and void as violating Commerce clause and not signed by a legitimate President of the United States.

So Taitz supports the "commerce clause" argument against health care. That's bad news for the law, and good news for the people who want it shut down!

The emphasis in the above passage is hers. Infinity dollars would be nice right now.


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