Orly Taitz Gets Her Lien On

Orly Taitz. The woman with more paranoid theories than the Rainbow Conspiracy lady, but half the entertainment value. The queen of the birther's mission to prove that Obama is not an American citizen has been a rollercoaster ride of delusion. Fun for a bit, but nauseatingly painful after a point. And now there is a new twist.

Remember the $20,000 fine that federal district court judge Clay Land, ordered Taitz to pay because he was that fed up with her megalomaniacal waste of the court's time and energy? Not to mention her attacks on Lands' credibility as a judge. Taitz has yet to pay, but Land isn't giving up.
Find out how the judge is going to get his after the jump.

Orly Taitz Gets Her Lien On
Jay Brockman

Since Land passed the sanction against Taitz for $20,000, Taitz has tried to appeal, beg and petition her way out of paying. Because when a judge smacks you with a fine for filing frivolous lawsuits, the first thing any logical person should do is file more frivolous lawsuits.

She's also trying to get the money from folks with similar delusions by selling the 300-page appeal brief she submitted to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for $100-- bound and signed, of course. If you don't want the tomb of justice and law, you can also just give her money via credit card on her website.

Apparently Lands isn't counting on the open wallets of Taitz's fellow birthers to come up with the dough; on Monday he filed a $20,000 lien against her house in Laguna Niguel.

Meanwhile, back at crazy.com, Taitz has found a way to roll this latest action into the larger conspiracy, while keeping her loyal fans abreast on the fund raising efforts:

"Update on donations $1,740 Thank you Mr. Fanner for $20 I will need $18,260 to make up for this governmental harassment used to keep BO's records secret. Well, they are secret no more."

So, that only leaves 913 more people, at $20 a pop, before she reaches the grand $20,000 total, there by saving her house. You don't want to see Taitz homeless and dejected, wandering the streets while muttering about the Kenyan man who rules the universe, do you?


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