Orly Taitz Approves Threats Against Judge's Grandchildren; Accuses the Weekly of Hate Crimes, Dunn of Lying

Orly Taitz Approves Threats Against Judge's Grandchildren; Accuses the Weekly of Hate Crimes, Dunn of Lying

We really, really wanted to take a break from writing about Orly Taitz today. It appears she's trying to get our attention, though. And maybe the police's as well.

The screen-shot posted above is one left on a recent blog post of hers. The judge mentioned is Royce C. Lamberth, who is assigned to her Taitz v. Obama lawsuit in Washington D.C. Taitz didn't write the comment, but her blog is moderated: No comments can be made public unless Taitz okay's them.

It's not like Taitz allows every comment to be made public. There are plenty of Taitz-critical comments left that never see the light of day. So Taitz or someone who works for her made the decision to publish a reader's comment about threatening a judge's grandchildren with murder. This should play well in Taitz's run for office.

Elsewhere on OrlyTaitzEsq.com--which we recommend you don't visit unless you've got some heavy-duty malware blocking software--we have the Laguna Niguel dentist lashing out against local media. Specifically, the local media that you are reading right now:

Additionally, please report repeated hate crimes and fraud by some of our corrupt media. This leftist-communist paper, OC weekly and their tin foil deranged reporter Spencer Kornhaber not only repeatedly misrepresented Obama's ineligibility suit and defrauded the public, they also repeatedly denigrated and slandered me. Just recently they posted an article, claiming that I attack black politicians, while defrauding the public and not representing the truth that some of my clients are African American, that it has nothing to do with race and color, it has a lot to do with fraud.

Additionally Kornhaber's behavior went beyond journalistic malpractice, it got into an area of hate crimes and instigating hate crimes against me. He published  on OC weekly site a song about Orly Taitz, where every second word was an "f" word. He published "Orly Taitz in art" where he posted paintings by some mentally disturbed artist, who has nothing else to do in his life, but paint nude pictures of me, particularly pictures of me giving birth and holding a bloody placenta. Please report them to the US attorney for criminal   matters and DA for hate crimes.

Later, she implored her followers to tell our "political editor" (the position doesn't exist), "Scott J. Moxley" (he goes by R. Scott Moxley) to fire someone named "Spencer Korenhaber" through "affirmative action."

Taitz keeps bringing up that "bloody placenta" thing; one of her henchwomen yelled at Moxley about it just this past weekend at the California Republican Assembly conference. But, not for the first time, Taitz has her facts wrong...

The painting didn't depict a placenta. It depicted a pancake. See?

Orly Taitz Approves Threats Against Judge's Grandchildren; Accuses the Weekly of Hate Crimes, Dunn of Lying

And for the record, the Weekly is not the originator of this image. Dan Lacey, "Painter of Pancakes," has gotten a good deal of media attention for painting pancake-laden portraits of various celebrities, ranging from Sarah Palin to Perez Hilton. Taitz might even find herself to be a fan of some of his work, such as this piece showing Barack Obama, naked, riding a unicorn.

Taitz is a local girl hitting the big-time by being painted by Lacey. We would have be remiss if we never mentioned it. If you do a Google image search "Orly Taitz," the above pancake picture is one of the first things to appear, and that's not from it being hosted on our site. We're a little surprised Taitz hasn't yet accused the entire Internet of committing a hate crime (though she does seem to believe that positive articles about her are constantly being "scrubbed" from the web by George Soros).

One more Taitz topic for today. Given that we pointed out that her first round of accusations against Secretary of State candidate Damon Dunn were without merit, Taitz, in her Taitz-like way, merely mutated her argument against him without acknowledging she had been wrong before. Now, her charge is that Dunn didn't disclose that he had previously been registered--ten years earlier, in Florida--when he registered to vote in California last year.

According to the registrar of voters office, in 2009, Dunn signed under this oath:

I am a US citizen and will be at least 18 years old on election day. I am not in prison or on parole for a felony. I understand that it is a crime to intentionally provide incorrect information on this form. I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of California that the information on this form is true and correct.

It's not clear whether failing to mention an old, expired registration constitutes providing "incorrect information." And if Taitz wants to see anything done about Dunn, she apparently will have to prove that he intentionally deceived the state. Motive is rarely an easy thing to prove, though we don't doubt she's going to try.


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