Orange County Dream Team Plans Drag Show Fundraiser, Hopeful California Will Pass Its Own DREAM Act

For the Orange County Dream Team, fundraising is a drag -- or rather, it's done in drag. 

The political Ping-Pong continues, but the local advocacy group remains steadfast in its quest to get the DREAM Act passed. To keep afloat, they plan fundraisers, and next up is their "Dreaming in Drag" event in Garden Grove. 

Most of the performances will be by club members themselves, says Orange County Dream Team member Jorge Gutierrez, who added that advocating for LGBT rights has also "become part of what we do."

"We started noticing a few years ago that a lot of club members also identified as LGBTQ," Gutierrez says. "Hey, it's important to raise awareness that a lot of students are not only undocumented, but also LGBTQ." 

Gutierrez says he thinks this year's "Dreaming in Drag" event, the club's third, is especially timely, as the Senate held its first-ever hearing on the bill last week.

"Awareness is continuing," Gutierrez says, but still, he doesn't expect any quick fixes.

​Because of the current political landscape, he says he thinks "it's almost impossible for the DREAM Act to go through this year." He is "very hopeful," however, that California's DREAM Act--made up of AB 130 and AB 131 --will pass soon. 

As the OC Register's Andrew Galvin reported, when Assemblyman Gil Cedillo was in Santa Ana last week, he, too, seemed doubtful that the federal DREAM Act would pass anytime soon, but confident that the state's version of it would.

For details about the event, visit its Facebook page.


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