On the Wall: Pop Rocks

PhotobucketPop Rocks

The art of OC native danyol is kind of like one of those fizzy little indie bands you have to be in just the right mood for. If you're in the wrong mood, his stuff is so lacking in depth that your eye bounces off it. But if you're in the right mood, it'll make you and your eyeballs very happy.

His mixed media piece, "she creates her own reality," illustrates so much of what's right (or, if you're nasty, so much of what's wrong) with Danyol's stuff. Against a canvas crusted with gooey gobs of salmon paint, a wistful-looking little girl stands, her dress (and skin) made of bits of old newspapers and maps and money. Primary colors are splashed randomly across her body, like she's lost a paintball tournament. Maybe there's nothing particularly revolutionary here, but your eye gets captured by those cheery Crayola colors, and the lumpy textures just beg you to run your greasy hands across the thing.

danyol: At The Seams @ The Box Gallery 765 Saint Clair Ste. B, Costa Mesa (714) 724-4633 Open through July 19th


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