Octomom Gets Bankruptcy Case Tossed Because She Fucked Up the Paperwork

My boo-to-be can't get a break. 

Octomom Nadya Suleman (oh to one day write "Suleman-Dulaney") got her bankruptcy claim tossed by a judge Tuesday when didn't file the right paperwork to show she can't pay $1 million in debt.

The Associated Press

has the story, which is awesome, because it's good to know someone there has to cover the Octo-beat. 

Creditors who aren't busy harassing the rest of us can now swoop in to get what they're owed. The Orange County Register also reports that the pending foreclosure can go forward against Octomom's La Habra house, where she kicks it with her 14 kids. 

She reportedly didn't file a dozen financial documents and statements required to show bankruptcy. 

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