oc weekly <3 cold war kids + frank lenz

it's 5:14 on friday and i'm lazy and i don't feel like rambling on and on and on and on about how much i love music right now. so instead, i will give you the highlights of my iChat conversation with my lovely and amazing lil' assistant, miss vickie chang. i'll even break it into sections, so you might digest them easily.

i. on mr. frank lenz (who, incidentally, i saw play at detroit on 3/13 and fell absolutely head over heals in love with. pick up his cd, vilelenz and thieves, available on hidden agenda records via parasol records.)

Ellen Griley: jesus christ "padre" by frank lenz. I LOVE THIS SONG SO. Ellen Griley: oh and "i've got things to do" vickie chang: are you gonna write about him!? you should

ii. on cold war kids (who, incidentally, are going to be 2008's arcade fire YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!!!)

Ellen Griley: ALSO: LISTEN TO THE COLD WAR KIDS' UP IN RAGE on my iTunes right NOW vickie chang: ok ok ok Ellen Griley: vickie vickie vickie vickie Ellen Griley: what are you doing this instant Ellen Griley: whatever it is STOP Ellen Griley: and go to my iTunes Ellen Griley: and put on "hospitalbeds" by cold war kids [ed. note: you can listen to this on their myspace site this very instant, too!] Ellen Griley: RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT NOWWWWWW vickie chang: i'm in the middle of "hang me out to dry" vickie chang: BUT OKKk vickie chang: hahaha Ellen Griley: SERIOUSLY YOU NEED TO HEAR THIS SONG Ellen Griley: THESE PEOPLE ARE FROM FULLERTON!!!! Ellen Griley: my mind, she blown

iii. on the cold war kids, again. (no, for reals, people, "hospital beds" is. the. best.)

vickie chang: his voice is killer vickie chang: on this track vickie chang: listening to hospitalbeds makes me feel all fluttery inside. i liiiiikeeeee. vickie chang: cold lwar kids "tell me in the morning" wow Ellen Griley: man this music is so good i feel like it's a snowy 1994 christmas and a rainy day in second grade and a dreary day in my junior year of college and a downpour day in dublin circa 2001 ALL AT THE SAME TIME vickie chang: FUCK hospitalbeds makes me wanna pee my pants vickie chang: i'm getting all giddy

iv. who do we love? why, it's the cold war kids!

Ellen Griley: okay listen to in "harmony in silver" Ellen Griley: the ending KILLS Ellen Griley: ever hear loudon wainwright? Ellen Griley: this guy sings JUST LIKE HIM Ellen Griley: LET'S HAVE A PARTY OF FIVE PEOPLE OR SIX PEOPLE AND LISTEN TO HOSPITALBEDS UNTIL WE DIE vickie chang: hahahaha. YESS. vickie chang: best idea EVER, perhaps.

v. but, as ever, it all comes back to mr. frank lenz.

Ellen Griley: OKAY. Ellen Griley: song of the moment: "bullets in the wall" by frank lenz Ellen Griley: ASDFJKL i'm in love Ellen Griley: it's like neil young singing an elliot smith song Ellen Griley: maybe i will just throw up snippets from our conversation today on the blog. our entire conversation. Ellen Griley: OKAY BLOG TIME vickie chang: wooo. AND NOW FOR EVEN MORE FUN STUFF:

worst. tattoo. ever. (potentially nsfw if you work some place totally lame)

a funny song about flickr.

enjoy your weekend. don't miss the blank tapes at cafe balboa on saturday!


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