Rush's Geddy Lee at Irvine Meadows
Rush's Geddy Lee at Irvine Meadows
Photo by Scott Feinblatt

OC Speakly Podcast, Episode 2: On Why Orange County Keeps Killing its Concert Venues

2016 might go down in history as the worst year since 1492—and we're not just talking Trump. The year started with the tragic closing of MILF bar Foxfire (#neverforget), followed later by the loss of Sutra Lounge, home to plentitudes of #chichischrist and #nalgamedios. And then, of course, the destruction of Irvine Meadows—FUCK YOU DON BREN CHAVALA!!!

For all the shit Orange County has gotten over the years for supposedly being lame, we've had many influential and awesome club and concert venues—the Rendezvous Ballroom, Cuckoo's Nest, Detroit Bar, Metropolis, the original incarnation of Linda's Doll Hut, and many, many more. So for this week's episode of our new OC Speakly podcast, I spoke with Weekly music editor Nate Jackson about why OC loves to destroy our musical treasures. And Nate, in turn, interviewed Weekly photographer John Gilhooley—who has probably covered more OC concerts than anyone at this point, and has definitely shot more—to reminisce about past concert glories.

Here you go—enjoy, don't forget to subscribe to us on iTunes, and follow us @ocspeakly!



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