OC Drama to be Dished Up for Denmark

OC Drama to be Dished Up for Denmark

The Real Housewives of OC; it's the gift that keeps on giving. Seriously, the show is on track to spawn more spin-offs than Superman, and the trend has gone global . . .

First there was

Swedish Hollywood Wives

. It was such a big hit in Sweden that the producers at the TV channel TV3 found another group of leggy Scandinavian blondes (bleached or otherwise), living among palm trees and prenuptials. OC--exporting vacuous culture one housewife at a time.

"We have, therefore, looked for Danish women in Hollywood, who have married rich men and live what one would call the ideal picture of a life in luxury," said TV3 program director Anders Knave.

Starting on Thursday, Danish Hollywood Wives (or Danske Hollywoodfruar) will air in Denmark, in Danish. And that will be one more country that real OC residents can't visit without having to explain that, no, we aren't all rich, and no, we don't all hang out with movie stars.

Bork bork bork.
Bork bork bork.

According to the press release, the series is set to follow the lives of four Denmark-born women, including one stylist to "OC's most prominent residents," Kirsten Prosser, who owns a boutique in Corona del Mar, and whose personal motto, as stated on her blog, is, "You can never be too rich, be too skinny, or have too many diamonds." And what is Prosser's claim to fame?

"Danish Hollywood Wives features hard-working women entrepreneurs like Kirsten Prosser, who has become famous for never disclosing her age."

Ah, celebrity. It's a fickle thing.

"I don't think age is relevant today. I'm not a model or actress. I'm not trying to be," says Prosser. "I'm just a woman who loves to make people look beautiful."

This show might actually be entertaining, if only because Danish sounds similar enough to Swedish to be reminiscent of the Swedish Chef. Bork!


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