'Never Allow Such Degradations to Ever Reoccur Ever'

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As the fiasco of the "Great Park" unfolds before our eyes [R. Scott Moxley's "Great Park With All the Fixin's," June 24], I have been asking, "Where are the county supervisors in all this? Why aren't the supervisors taking an active role in the development of this park? Isn't it going to be a part of the county park system? Why haven't they demanded that they have representation on the board and on the conservancy?" It's almost as if they are terrified of having to deal with Mr. Agran and his cronies. Something just doesn't seem right.


If Americans were to practice jingoism in other countries, we'd see a rash of demonstrations at our embassies. Mexico has not seen any demonstrations at any of their consulates here in the U.S., not even by our designated feminist matrons (Jane Fonda and others) over the Ciudad Juarez femicides or by our most liberal advocates in San Francisco or Boston over the killings at Aguas Blancas, Montes Azules or anywhere else in Mexico. But I've got to hand it to you. At least you've admitted what I noticed during my four-year stay in Mexico: Mexicans are very jingoistic even amongst themselves [Gustavo Arellano's "Ask a Mexican," June 10]. The only times you can get all Mexicans to pull together are for soccer games or to criticize the latest "anti-immigrant" policy or law that Americans enact.


Mr. Cross was a damn good teacher, but I don't know if I would say the best [Gustavo Arellano's "Goodbye Mr. Cross," June 17]. There have been many damn good teachers at Anaheim High: Mr. Atkins, Ms. Solarno, Mr. Mullins, Mr. Robert "Bundy" Hager and many more. Nevertheless, Mr. Cross is one of the best!


To whom it may concern and if Rebecca Schoenkopf still works there this is for you. I was reading up on some of my favorite artists and came across an old article from OC Weekly's Jan. 11, 2002, issue headlined, "Not Over My Dead Body." The rude and disrespectful comments made about Jeff Buckley and Jay Buchanan made my stomach turn. If you wanted to blame Jay for ripping off Jeff, just come out and say it instead of trying to be sarcastic about it! You're not funny! Secondly, what a bitch you are to disrespect the dead! You make me SICK! Both of these artists have a very rare and passionate talent to sing, and believe it or not lots of artists have similarities. Look at the music on the radio today, all the bands sound the same! You should be ashamed for your shallow comments! If you haven't fired this woman, what are you thinking?



Now, I don't know you, but I can tell you that I get OCWeeklyfor reasons other than the porno in the back: "Ask A Mexican," the comics and Steve Lowery's hilarious writing in "Diary of a Mad County." His over-the-edge wit and interesting mind are great fun. I don't know shit about Orange County—I live in La Quinta, home of 300 golf courses—but I love reading about it every week.


I have been deeply and grievously hurt and pained by all the hostile and blasphemous contents of the issue outrageous attacks, mockings and alienations of the pope [Gustavo Arellano's "A Moral, Abject Failure When It Mattered," April 8]. Not only was that a cold-blooded disrespect against a deceased holy man—do not kick a dead horse as it is—but also as well against all humanity and including over one billion Catholics worldwide, and billions already who went ahead of us to heaven. That was also a grave and mortal sin against Jesus Christ himself and the Holy Spirit source of all wisdom and grace. I ask you that you repent and never curse again. That this pope, or any other, having been perfect to some and imperfect to others, this has no bearing for any excuses to carry on and hurl so many insults and unforgivable blasphemies and abominations. That Jesus Christ never promised us nor did he ever intend to seek perfect people. No one is perfect but Jesus Christ himself. Anyone who blasphemes against the pope, he's blaspheming against the Holy Spirit himself. This kind of sin is unforgivable. I ask you thereby, to retract and recall all said article in whole and throughout forthwith, and never allow such degradations to ever reoccur ever. It is always a bad idea to play dangerously with fire. Glory to Jesus ever and ever.


Thomas A. Szyszkiewicz is probably too ensnared in the mythological superstitions of Christianity to understand that the Vatican is little more than a small city-state with no armed forces but with its own diplomatic corps [Letters, June 10]. While Pope John Paul II may not have known about all our pedophilic priests and what they did, he surely knew that pedophilia among Catholic priests was gutting the moral authority of the church in the United States. Those of us who have studied a certain amount of history realize that since the Middle Ages the church has been run like a contemporary transnational corporation whose primary goal has been to enrich itself and the people running it. The purpose of its mythological infrastructure has been largely to keep its followers in line with church policy and ignorant of its nefarious activities, which have included cynically threatening them with hell unless they turned their land and money over to the church.



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