Mr. Sandmen [Hey, You!]
Bob Aul

Mr. Sandmen [Hey, You!]

You were the two men filling sandbags on Water Street in Orange on a deluge-soaked day, there in an effort to save the contents of a warehouse you worked in. I had arrived with my shovel in hand and started to fill a bag alone, which was a bit harder than it looked. You were finishing up and offered assistance, then took over, quickly filling 10 bags to a weight I could carry, all the while chatting with me and dispensing advice in a friendly manner. I wish I had stopped to get more information from you other than your first names (which I've sadly already forgotten), but I hope you know you were an absolute godsend that day, helping a harried mom when she was feeling kind of down and out. You reminded me there are still good people in the world.

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