Missing Anaheim Hiker Found

Missing Anaheim Hiker Found

Active hiker Scott Gossard left his Anaheim home in his silver Toyota Tacoma truck on Friday evening to go hiking in the San Gabriel Mountains.

The 44-year-old who had been reported missing over the weekend was found this afternoon.

Gossard had called his mother at 11p.m. Friday from his cell phone to let her know that he had arrived safely and that he would start the hike the next morning because he wanted to rest. He added he would be back home by Saturday evening. 

When she had not heard from him since then, she contacted Anaheim Police around 1a.m. Monday and filed a missing person report.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's personnel set out to search for Gossard, and they found his Tacoma around 8 a.m. today in the Buckhorn area near Mount Waterman.

Rescue worker set out on an intensive search and found Gossard in the area between Twin Peaks and Triplet Rocks Monday afternoon. He was airlifted out of a rocky portion of the mountains.

Gossard told rescuers he had lost his map and become disoriented. He was running out of water and was forced to feed on snow before he was found. Luckily, Goassard was uninjured and did not need to be hospitalized. 


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