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Thank you for your articles on animal welfare, such as the one about the county's shelter ("Helter Shelter," April 28). Keep us informed, and tell us what to do to remedy the situation.

Karlene Kesler
via e-mail
Activist Maria Dalles responds: (1) If you live in a contract city to the shelter, write the city manager and demand improvements. Urge the city manager to press for and financially support humane care, promoting adoptions, innovative programs, and "out-of-the-box" thinking—like courteous service. (2) Write to Dr. Mike Schumacher, director of the Orange County Health Care Agency, and tell him that the existing team is ineffective and that you demand immediate improvement. Spell out a course of action because they don't seem to have one. (3) Sign up as a volunteer at the shelter (714-935-6301) to walk dogs on the weekends and provide another set of eyes and ears. Help promote adoptions, counsel adopters, etc. (4) Attend the monthly advisory-board meeting (held at 561 The City Dr., Orange) on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. The public is welcome. Come prepared to speak during the public-comment segment at the beginning of the meeting. (5) Write to the California Veterinary Medical Association, 5231 Madison Ave., Sacramento, CA 95841, and complain about the lack of compassion shown to each animal.


Is there a way to have Jim (Brain) Washburn ("Elian Go Home," Lost in OC, April 21) and Rebecca Schoencommie ("Every Day Is Earth Day," Commie Girl, April 28) file their dispatches from Havana for a month? They seem to love Cuba so much that a little time spent in that gorgeous gulag without their free speech and fast lifestyle should be enough to enlighten them about the nature of Fidel's island prison. If it's a question of expenditures, a public appeal for donations would probably yield more than enough money from concerned citizens who feel sorry for these two miseducated columnists. Perhaps call it the OC Weekly Summer (Re-education) Camp Fund and list the conspicuous donations like the Los Angeles Times does?

Wayne R. Valin
via e-mail


I would like to quote Rich Kane: "Zebrahead were really good" (Locals Only, April 28). Yes, "really good" is the kind of language we expect from professional music writers. Not only were Zebrahead not "really good," but they were also, in fact, horrible. An atrocious juxtaposition of testosterone-induced swagger coupled with out-of-tune vocals and boring "punk rock!" guitars.

Where was any mention of the real talent of the day? How about the amazing bands that performed at night after the hordes of ska kids left? Rich never mentioned Jay Buchanan, the Autumns or Bikeride, bands that actually are creating something memorable and original in OC.

What's the use? Rich Kane is the worst fucking music critic I've ever come across. It's a good thing, I guess, that all the bands he ignores are going to become huge and won't need the "privilege" of his oh-so-coveted praise. Do the county a favor and fire his ass.

Matt Brown
via e-mail Rich Kane responds: Ouch, Matt! I'm no huge fan of Zebrahead, either, and once said that their
Waste of Mind album should be retitledWaste of Time, but I did think their set was pretty good—not the greatest thing ever, just good. I agree with you, though, that I am, indeed, the "worst fucking music critic" around. After all, two years ago, I mistakenly gave your band, Trespassers William, a great review. Thanks for setting me straight!


My band was one of the bands that was involved in the Dennis Danell benefit at the Gypsy Lounge (Locals Only, May 5). I really appreciate the OC Weekly's support in this. It's kind of funny—most people were very interested in our benefit until the better-known groups decided to do a benefit as well. Then it was as if what we were doing was so tiny in comparison to the well-known bands; no one wanted to help, we were dropped, and everyone was trying to get on the bandwagon for the "better exposure." Again, something good became something ugly and selfish. Once again, you have proved that you are OUR local magazine, you are our voice. Thank you for not walking away from the little guys who are trying to make a difference. I'm sure the OC Weekly didn't start out as big as you are; it's the people that supported and continue to support you that make you who you are.

Franki Mattson
member of Boobie Trap
Client Services Administrator
Right Management Consultants


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